Who we are

Torso House Studio is an Australian design studio who create beautiful, functional, high-quality leather goods. We design goods both for daily life and life's adventures, and our products are made to last a lifetime. We believe that good design is a design which largely considers about how a product will be used and how it will wear after ten, fifteen, and twenty years of use. Our designs are crafted for simplicity, functionality and to tell your life's story.

Our vision

Torso House puts its heart, soul and countless design hours into helping the world carry with greater simplicity and ease. Every piece has been deeply considered to help you treasure life's journey and adventure.

Our slim wallets have been designed over and over with 3 years of testing to get the perfect design. They have strength, durability and resilience, while shaping effortlessly to your needs. Not only do their leather stand the test of time, they gets better with time.

Our quality

Quality is a very important factor in our designs which is why we chose the best possible quality of leather.


Our wallets are hand made from full grain leather, this is the top layer of the hide, the finest and real. It has the marks gathered through the cow’s life, making each case totally unique. Most leather tanneries hide this by using lower layers of the hide, sanding it or engraving it with a pattern. Our full grain leather ages beautifully, softening quickly while maintaining a fine finish. Over time your leather will develop a unique patina, picking up markings as trophies of the adventures and stories you’ve shared together. 

Our Story

It all began with a request to make a perfect wallet out of cloth. Just over 6 years ago Joanne Clark the founder of Torso House decided to temporarily leave her daily stresses and grind of life while she studied architecture and design.  Her brother asked her to try and make the perfect slim wallet for him out of a piece of cloth he had given her. Using her meticulous design knowledge from architecture, she managed to thoughtfully design the perfect minimalist wallet for her brother. 

Over the years she had become more and more interested in a perfect deign and high quality techniques and designed wallets which she could hand make at home and then sell to friends. She moved a year later to Canada, America and around Australia and made her wallets a way to give to people, helping people to tell their stories while using her creativity wherever she was.

Fast forward... She designed and made more and more wallets and this great passion for designing high quality perfect products meant that Torso House was eventually born. 


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  ​Email: torsohouse@gmail.com

500 Terry Francois St. Perth, WA 6018

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